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Booth Transport

Pallet racking is a vital part of any warehouse or storage facility. It helps to maximise space and improve efficiency by allowing items to be stored at height. However, pallet racking can be expensive, and the installation process can be complex. That’s why Booth Transport decided to engage Allrack to design and build their pallet racking fitout in South Australia. Allrack is a leading provider of pallet racking and storage solutions, and their team of experts was able to create a customised solution that met Booth Transport’s specific needs. In addition, Allrack’s use of galvanised uprights and powder-coated beams helped to reduce the overall cost of the project by 30%. As a result, Booth Transport was able to save tens of thousands of dollars on their pallet racking fitout. Thanks to Allrack, they now have a high-quality storage solution that will serve them well for years to come.

Olympic Fencing (New)

Olympic Fencing is a leading provider of fencing products and services in NSW. They approached Allrack for a custom storage solution that would allow them to store heavy fencing parts off the floor, utilizing what would have otherwise been wasted airspace. Allrack sourced extra heavy duty racking beams to create a custom pallet racking system that could accommodate the weight of the fencing parts. This helped Olympic Fencing to optimize their storage space and improve their operations. As a result, Allrack was able to provide them with an innovative storage solution that met their specific needs.


When Jaybro decided to fit out their new warehouse in western Sydney, they contacted Allrack, a leading engineering and design company specializing in pallet racking. After reviewing Jaybro’s existing warehouse layout, Allrack came up with a new design that made better use of the available space. By reconfiguring the placement of the racks and adding additional racks, Allrack was able to increase Jaybro’s storage capacity by 30%. In addition, Allrack’s design also increased operational efficiency by allowing for better picking and stock rotation. As a result, Jaybro was able to save thousands of dollars on their pallet racking fitout. Thanks to Allrack’s innovative design, Jaybro was able to maximize their use of space and improve their bottom line.

Weir Minerals

Allrack recently had the pleasure of working with Weir Minerals, one of the world’s leading suppliers of engineering products and services for the mining industry. Weir Minerals Australia specialises in matching their comprehensive range of products and services to the specific needs of each customer. One such customer needed a heavy duty storage solution that could accommodate their extremely heavy mining equipment. Allrack’s heavy duty selective pallet racking was able to meet this need, providing a safe and secure storage solution that complied with Australian Standards. The heavy duty racking was also able to provide ample support for the heavy equipment, ensuring that it was stored safely and securely. Thanks to Allrack’s innovative and heavy duty storage solutions, Weir Minerals Australia was able to provide their customer with the best possible service.


Dats is an Australian owned business that’s been operating for over 40 years, warehousing, selling and distributing anything from stationary to seasonal consumables like Christmas decorations. When they came to Allrack, they were looking for a pallet racking solution that would help them increase storage capacity while improving efficiency and safety in their warehouse. Allrack worked closely with Dats to design a pallet racking system that would meet their specific needs. The new system included Schaefer racking, which is known for its strength and durability, as well as safety mesh backing to protect workers from falling pallets or boxes. The flexible install program provided by Allrack allowed Dats to have the new system installed quickly and with minimal disruption to their business. The new pallet racking system has helped Dats to increase efficiency and safety in their warehouse, and they are very happy with the results.


In the early days, Surfstitch was a small family business. But with big dreams and even bigger ambition, they quickly grew into a global
e-commerce company with thousands of employees. To support their growth, they needed a storage solution that could keep up with their rapidly expanding business. That’s where Allrack came in. We provided them with storage consulting, cost efficient designs and numerous racking and longspan shelving fitouts across NSW and QLD. With our help, they were able to streamline their e-commerce logistics and improve their warehousing operations. As a result, they were able to continue growing at an exponential rate. Today, Surfstitch is one of the leading online retailers in the world, and we’re proud to have played a role in their success.
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WDN Enterprises

WDN is a cornerstone of business excellence in Padstow, Sydney