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Are you looking for a storage solution that is tailored to the unique needs of your business? In today’s ever-evolving marketplace, finding the right storage and racking options can be tough. But with the proper understanding of what’s available out there, you can make an informed decision on how to best store and manage your inventory without compromising space or efficiency. In this blog post, we’ll look at all things related to Pallet Racking, Shelving, picking, packing and dispatching so you have all the information needed to find the perfect storage solution for your Unique business!

Understand Your Business Needs – Identify what type of goods you will be storing and the size, weight, density, and usage frequency of the goods.

Before setting up your storage space, it’s important to understand your business needs. This means taking a detailed look at the goods you’ll be storing, including their size, weight, and density. Additionally, consider the frequency with which these goods will be accessed and utilised. By identifying these factors, you’ll be better equipped to choose the appropriate storage solution for your business. Whether you require specialised shelving, temperature control, or simply extra square meterage, understanding your business needs is the first step in creating an efficient and effective storage space with the correct Pallet Racking or Shelving system to suit your unique needs. So whether you are based in Newcastle and have been told you require Pallet racking or you have a warehouse in Sydney that needs longspan shelving, there is always more to consider than just one shelving system or storage solution.

Choosing the Right Storage System and Location – Research different storage systems such as pallet racking, shelving and pallet cages to see which one is best suited for your unique business.

Selecting the appropriate storage system for your business is crucial. With various options like racks, shelves, and cages, it can be overwhelming to determine which one would be a perfect fit for your unique requirements. Researching various storage systems allows you to weigh their benefits and drawbacks based on your needs. If your products are heavy and bulky, pallet cages will be ideal, and if you have many small items, organising them on a shelf can save you time and effort. The ultimate goal is to maximise space efficiency while optimising inventory management. Careful evaluation and strategic planning will ensure the right storage solution, leading to increased productivity and profitability. Regarding location, Newcastle has become an affordable alternative to Sydney to buy or lease warehouses and still service the huge consumer and commercial markets in Sydney. Areas such as Beresfield and Thornton have become huge growth areas in Newcastle where new land becomes available every day and warehouses pop up almost overnight. The abundance of industrial real-estate supply has kept prices down to a third of the price of warehouses space in Western Sydney. On another note, racking suppliers in Newcastle are generally priced more reasonably than those based in large cities. Real-estate prices play a part in this also, to store bulk stocks of pallet racking in Newcastle cost almost half what it cost to store in Sydney.

Benefits of Using Automation – Learn the benefits of using automation when it comes to picking, packing and dispatching products with accuracy and speed.

When it comes to picking, packing, and dispatching products, accuracy and speed are key. That’s where automation comes in. By using automation, you can ensure that these processes are done quickly and efficiently, freeing up time and resources for other important tasks. Not only does automation increase productivity, but it also reduces the risk of errors that can occur when done manually, ultimately leading to fewer returns and less customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, automation can help save on labour costs and increase overall profitability. Overall, incorporating automation into your operations can provide a wide array of benefits that will help streamline your processes and boost your bottom line. The other benefit of Automation is that it’s a fully customised system meaning it can be designed to work in with existing pallet racking systems, conveyor systems, sorting systems and even basic longspan shelving. Warehouse Storage solutions in Newcastle are hard to find, but Automation systems are even harder to find. Although Allrack doesn’t offer the Automation systems directly we have been around long enough to be able to recommend the right companies that can help with the various systems available, and can work with these companies to seamlessly integrate our Pallet racking systems and shelving systems into these automated picking and sorting systems.

Invest in Quality Equipment – Invest in quality equipment that is designed to last a long time and save you money in maintenance fees over time.

Investing in quality equipment is not just a wise choice, it’s a necessity. Just like cheap tools and machinery breaking down easily, cheap pallet racking and shelving systems will not stand up to the small bumps from forklifts that inevitably occur over time, resulting in costly maintenance fees throughout their lifespan. But purchasing top-quality equipment that’s built to last will not only save you money in the long run but also ensure a smoother and more efficient workflow. Don’t let the urgency of your current workload tempt you into settling for low-quality options. Invest in durable and reliable storage equipment such as Schaefer Pallet Racking or another AS4084-2012 compliant systems that are manufactured and distributed by reputable companies that will serve you well for years to come. If you are based in Newcastle and need pallet racking your best bet is to reach out to the friendly team at Allrack. Your wallet and sanity will thank you.

Adopt a Safety Mindset & Culture – Develop an organisational culture that puts safety first when it comes to both employees and customers alike.

Creating a safety mindset and culture should be a top priority of any organisation. This means putting safety at the forefront of decision-making processes and advocating for it every step of the way. A culture of safety not only protects employees and customers but also helps to improve the overall performance and success of a company. By fostering a safety-first mindset, individuals become more aware of their actions and how they can impact others. Implementing safety guidelines and protocols should not be seen as burdensome but rather as a necessary aspect of a responsible and sustainable business. Let’s work together to make safety a core value in our organisations and create a safer and more secure environment for everyone. Allrack offers Pallet Racking Audits in Newcastle to help you maintain your culture of “safety first” and maintain your compliance to AS4084-2012 which as states “racking shall be inspected at least every 12 months”. (warehouse managers will often refer to these as racking inspections, but these are essentially the same thing)

Maintaining your Storage Solution – Implement regular maintenance checks of your storage system to ensure everything is running smoothly and safely.

Along with getting pallet racking audits done, maintaining your storage equipment must go hand-in hand with these audits and is of utmost importance to ensure its longevity and safety. Regular internal maintenance checks can help you detect any potential threats or issues before they escalate into costly and potentially dangerous dilemmas. Ignoring warning signs such as dinted or bent uprights in your pallet racking is a serious breach of due diligence and can result in partial racking failure, or worse, a catastrophic collapse. You must take the necessary steps to keep your storage system in shape and running smoothly at all times. Failure to do so can be detrimental to your business and its operation. Don’t wait till it’s too late, prioritise scheduled maintenance checks and arrange for Allrack to come and inspect your Newcastle pallet racking system and provide a racking audit report.

In conclusion, it is essential to understand your unique business needs and select the right storage system for your specific set of criteria. Research different storage systems such as racking, shelves and pallet cages to ensure that you are getting the most efficient use out of each item. Invest in quality equipment that is designed to last a long time to save money in maintenance fees over time. Make sure to adopt a safety mindset and culture within your organisation to ensure both employee safety and customer safety are taken into consideration. Finally, regularly maintain your storage solution in order to prevent any unforeseen mechanical issues or disrepair and book in yearly racking audits for pallet racking in Newcastle. Do you have further questions regarding selecting the right systems? Call us today with any questions 02 4072 3456 and we can help you find the solution that fits best with your business needs. | 02 4072 3456

Finding the right storage solution for your Unique business. Read More »

What is the Pallet Racking Process?

Pallet racking is a storage system that helps efficiently store and organise large volumes of goods and materials. The process of preparing and purchasing pallet racking involves the following steps:

1. Assessing the Storage Needs: Before selecting and installing pallet racking, it is essential to assess the storage needs of the company. This includes factors such as the volume of goods, weight and size of the items to be stored, and the available space.

2. Pallet Racking Design: Based on the storage needs, the design of the pallet racking system is created. The design includes the type of rack required, its height, and the number of levels or bays. The most common types of pallet racking include selective, drive-in/drive-thru, push-back, pallet flow, and cantilever racking.

3. Installation: Pallet racking is installed based on the design, with the racks assembled and anchored to the ground to ensure stability.

4. Loading of Goods: Once the pallet racking is installed, goods and materials can be loaded onto the racks. Safety measures such as using correct lifting equipment, loading according to weight capacity, and securing goods are essential during this process.

5. Maintenance and Repair: Regular maintenance and repair of pallet racking are crucial to ensure its durability, safety, and efficiency.

Overall, the pallet racking process involves careful planning, designing, installation, and maintenance to ensure efficient and safe storage solutions.

What is the Pallet Racking Process? Read More »